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Soccer Player in Action

Player Conduct

Wasaga Warriors Co-Ed Soccer

Player Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Wasaga Warriors Co-ed Soccer League. This is a league with players of all skill levels, so our goal is to provide a safe league for everyone. The executive would like to make sure all players are aware and follow the code of conduct so we can all enjoy a competitive league while still maintaining a high level of sportsmanship, fun, and safety.



The Wasaga Warriors Co-ed Soccer League follows the official FIFA rules, with one exception. We do not allow slide tackling. Sliding to play the ball with no one around or to keep the ball from going out of bounds will be at the Officials discretion. Playing the ball from the ground will be at the Officials discretion.


Red Cards and Yellow cards:

  • The following actions will result in a card; any abuse of an official or player, any dangerous play that could result in bodily harm

  • 2 yellow cards in one game will result in a red card

  • 1 red card in a game will result in sitting out the rest of the game and 1 full game suspension for next game

  • 2 red cards in a season the player will be asked to leave the league

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